Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Biker Mags

 With today's technology, you can pretty much grab what you need via internet channels. Porn pushers think it sucks. Magazine pushers feel the same. Can't sell what most get for free.

 Personally, I'd rather the hard copy (not a pun porn dudes). I'm a collector, some say hoarder, but I like my magazine collection. Porn collection?! What porn collection? I like being able to go back to old issues of Easyriders, Custom Bike, Street Chopper, etc. when needing some groovy style inspiration or to cut up with friends about badass bikes, big beards, bigger bush and the biggest balls.

 If you'd rather have a copy of that magazine you dig, do yourself a favor and ride over to your favorite rag seller and pick it up! You may not be saving paper, but you'll be saving jobs. A lot of jobs.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Derby Slave

One of the best things about owning the shop, if not the best thing, is meeting new, talented artists, fabricators, engineers and all around craftsmen. Such is the case with these hydraulic clutch parts from Blake Schossler of Random Engineering.

 These Derby Slaves are the perfect remedy for those hard cable pulls on your Sportster. They fit '94-'03 & '04-up Sporty. $349 raw, $359 polished.

 Call or email the shop for more info: (818) 842-5366 or info@burbankmoto.com

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dig BF 6

 Around 1978-79 was the first time I remember really being fascinated by the Digger. The GNRS at the Oakland Coliseum was always a family and friends outing. Inside, around the perimeter of the building was where I happened to see a selection of bikes built by Arlen Ness. Even at that age, I knew these things were different from the Frisco Style bike I was used to. I asked my Pop about 'em, and he said they were "Diggers," although my uncle chimed in and called them "Lowriders" (my dad is Irish, my uncle is Nicaraguan).

 Whatever they were called, I wanted one. At the ripe old age of 7, I was about 3 ft tall and so were those bikes. I figured they were made for guys my size, kids. I wanted one, but the Mongoose was what I got. Well, I still want one, so here it is... so far.

 Spencer and I decided to throw our hat into the Showclass Magazine sponsored, People's Champ contest for Born Free 6. Lucky us, Tyler came into the shop looking to trade a few things, including a frame he couldn't recognize. A few guesses that it may be an old Ness Digger, but those things are pretty hard to find these days. Around that time, I was picking something up from Skratch's Garage when he said I could have a stack of old chopper mags he had laying around.

 When I get back to the shop, I start browsing through one of the magazines and notice an add for Arlen's Motorcycle Ness-ecities. The frame in the add looked like the one I got from Tyler. Did a bit more checking, and sure enough. A couple weeks go by and Spencer rolls his Ness Narrow Springer into the shop. Took it right off his Triumph to make our Digger even more righteous. It's on.