Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It's great to know that hard work and passion has it's rewards. Not necessarily in monetary terms, although it helps, but in this case- throwing a party where everyone has a great time. So much so, that nobody wanted to leave. So much so, that waking up in a quite house Monday morning, in your own bed, seemed so damn boring and uncomfortable.

The one and only Tim Sutton was there to document the whole thing, and we couldn't be more flattered by the article he wrote about the UNION SHOW.

Panel Beaters CC Union Show May 24-26 2013

Some how we always romance the old days of what was . I think thats what keeps most of us in the vintage car world . The memories keep us going . A lot of people remember what they want about the past and well most of my friends and I remember what Paso Robles used to be like. It started as a group of friends meeting in a tiny little town called Paso Robles ,ca. on Memorial day weekend to get together and unwind , benchrod , and just hang out . Since that day 20 some odd years ago the show outgrew Paso and was moved to Santa Maria. Its now a full on “car show” at the fairgrounds . It lost what it first started out to be and the roots which made it fun. I still enjoy santa maria and in no way am slamming it , but as we all know things never stay the same . some may call it progress others end up doing their own thing. This leads me to the Panel Beaters. I feel they just wanted to do their own thing . This gathering isnt an anti or even close to it . Its just a bunch of friends gathering in a small town south of Santa Maria and having a good time. Its about cars becauser they all drove em , but its more about having a good time . No entry fee, no bullshitjust get in your rod or custom and go a few hundred miles to a quaint little town and have fun thats it . This was year one for this show and damnit if I dont want them to do it again and again. It was about the funnest thing ive done all year. Youll find hotrods and customs , but no trailers as all the cars are drivers and in various states if repair. Year one car clubs included Panel Beaters CC , the Imortals , retarded sparks , and the Barons hotrod club. This was the core group that took over the town in its entirety . I see this show out growing it self in years to come but damnit if i wont go back and support everything these guys are doing…
cheers boys and long live the dreams.